Thursday, April 23, 2009

An interesting sight early yesterday morning~ Venus was eclipsed by the moon.

The boy, the dog and I went down to the creek again. Almost all of the snow had melted, and the water was rushing fast.

Gretel had never seen the creek this high, or maybe she was feeling adventurous, but she ran right into the water. She couldn't touch the bottom there, the current was strong and the bank rather steep~ it carried her a few feet before she could climb out. Good thing she can doggie paddle! :) The brave girl shook herself dry and we went on our way.

The creek bottoms were so flooded! Ducks paddled through the willows and cottonwood trunks, and red-winged blackbirds chirped out and swooped down between the brances above. A grey snake, maybe 2 feet long, slithered across the path in front of us, and I started to feel a little sick thinking of how many were probably swimming around in the water and hanging from the trees. Snakes are the reason I don't go to the creek much. I know only the rattlers are poisonous and we've never seen any there, but Gil has seen some others around 6 feet long. I get woozy at the thought!

Northern Flicker nest

A Happy Day. :) Yikes, I should rename this the Crow's Feet Almanac.

Sanding and staining this week~ I'm making new goodies for my Etsy shop. Enjoy the sunshine! :)

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