Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I dropped everything this past weekend to work on a poster for Mountain Standard Time, they're headlining at the Fox Theatre in Boulder on May 21! Old Timer~

I've used a pocketwatch theme for them before (in the piece/link over on the right), and the old mountain man is a nice change of pace for me~ no flowers at all! ;) I swear though, beards are way more frustrating to draw than hair. His hair and beard will be white, his buckskin jacket will have fringe and beads (maybe beading on his hatband too), the watch will say MST and show the time the show starts, and I'll try to make him look more like he's smiling and winking. I want the text to be turquoise blue, so what color should I make the little bit of background that shows? Sunset red and orange? A night sky with the lighting as if by fire or candlelight would be really dramatic? I need to loosen up my style some~ I tend to spend too much time on pieces and I think they sometimes look overworked and stiff (or maybe I just get tired of them). I need to finish this like yesterday, and I think it's *good* if he looks rough and wild. I'll be a hermit in my cabin this week, but have a wonderful one, friends~


canngil said...

looks great! go with night sky with a few stars. Less competition with the band name and your frontier man.

Heather said...

This is going to be so cool!