Monday, May 4, 2009

Paint paint paint~ all last week. I should finish him by tomorrow?

Sunday afternoon, Gil and I went on a little adventure, exploring a couple of those places that you drive past all of the time and wonder "ooohh what's in there?". The first stop was an abandoned farmhouse between Parker and Franktown. It's on open space land, so we could walk around. I wish I could move right in!

I call this the House of Three Gables. It's been painted all over, a whitewashed ghost. There is a horseshoe hanging over the door. :) Too bad it was boarded up so we couldn't poke around inside.

There was a chicken coop around back, guarded by a big cottontail. We got past him to find...

a thing(roost?) for chicken nests. What a surprise! ;)

The back porch~ imagine the ma that stood on that porch to call her family to supper and the kids that ran up those steps, a screen door slamming behind them. The ma and pa that sat out there later, talking and making plans together...

as the laundry floated on the evening breeze and the sun set over the hills~

Just a few more miles down the road, the land changes dramatically~ rolling hills turn to rocky mesas and canyons. We checked out Gateway Mesa Open Space between Franktown and Castle Rock.

Rainwater had pooled in the rocks and turned the moss bright, springy green.


I want to go back when the all scrub oaks are green. I probably won't go by myself as this is prime territory for lions, rattlers and bears (oh my!). It was much more fun exploring with a sweetheart, anyway. :) Love and light this week to you all~


Heather said...

wow...what a gorgeous place! It has fresh paint so I wonder how bad it is inside? hopefully not too bad...I would love to find a winsome little farm house with a laundry line and chicken coop...

andrea the pomegranates said...

hello there! i've noticed you have the believing nature badge on y our page. thank you so much! i was wondering if you would like me to add your blog under the list of members? just let me know. i also love your artwork! i just added you as a favorite on etsy (i'm littlebighead there). hope to get to know you and your fascinating world a bit more :)