Friday, December 21, 2012


Happy Yule and first day of winter! Five inches of snow fell here earlier this week, so it feels comfortingly wintery. So many recent events have made this month seem rather dark AND the Mayan calendar predicts the world may end today. But out of darkness comes light, it could also mean the beginning of a new consciousness~

Shine a light on the longest night of the year. Be kind, compassionate, grateful and hopeful. Forgive, accept and respect others. Love one another. Be your authentic best and share your gifts with others. Nurture the gifts and talents of others to help them shine. Teach, share and be kindness and love without end.

I need to remind myself of those things almost every day, but I'm trying. :) If it is the last day of the world, I'm baking cookies today, gingerbread and Scottish shortbread. The holidays have started, Sam is out of school and Cat comes home tomorrow. ^-^

Warm love and light, comfort and joy to you~



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