Thursday, December 13, 2012

Danish Hearts

God Jul and happy Saint Lucia Day! Warm welcome to today's visiting blog processioners~

Thank you to Heather of Audrey Eclectic (our head Lucia) for inspiring this procession and Scandi-fest! I've never celebrated the pageantry of the day before, but it's a beautiful occasion to shine a light and share interests with others in the dark of winter.

Anderson or Neilson family? Sod roof!

My grandmother's parents, Hans Peter Anderson and Elsie Neilson, both emigrated from Denmark (with the mysterious photograph above) and were married in South Dakota in 1899. She and my grandfather later moved to Alabama, but Grandma Alice kept an adorable Minnesota accent, peppered with UFF DAs. I really don't remember celebrating any old-world traditions with her, but there were always bright tins of Danish butter cookies along with familiar homemade ones. She was proud of her Viking ancestors and I'm enchanted by a land of fierce winters, trolls, goblins and house elves.

My own family's holiday traditions are an American mix of the ones passed down, and also ones we've found, created or traded like recipes. I adore the feel of a Scandinavian Christmas~ simple, natural and homemade (visually and spiritually), golden candlelit wheat and warm red on snowy white. Years ago, I found straw ornaments and julbocken at the gift shop of the Denver Sons of Noway Lodge. That year I gave my parents a julbock three feet tall, haha!

This year I went a little berserker making Danish woven hearts. Traditionally, these are made of paper into little treat baskets. The first one was believed to have made by Hans Christian Andersen, master paper-cutter AND storyteller! Some designs are amazingly intricate, but there are simple patterns all over. It's just two long oval pieces folded in half, parallel lines cut and strips woven~

I made my hearts from felt and strung some on yarn as a garland. They're easy and inexpensive, and would be fun to make with little ones. :)

They're so fun that I also made some in a calico print! Cat and Sam made these beaded ornaments and God's eyes. They (and I) have been such prolific ornament-makers over the years that we needed another tree, so this smaller one is in the kitchen. My main elf hasn't come home from school yet, but I sent her some heart garland (in turquoise, gray and white) for her apartment in Boulder.

These hearts look right at home next to snowflakes crocheted by my Mema, my great-grandmother from the other side of the family. Old ways and new, made with hands and celebrated in the hearts of each generation~

Happy holidays and thank you for stopping by today! Other Saint Lucia processioners, I look forward to reading of your celebrations! Skål to all from Colorado~


Heather said...

Oh, Kristina! These handmade ornaments are just gorgeous! I love that you did them in felt and fabric too!~
Thanks for sharing the photo of your family from Norway! That house is so interesting, it looks a bit like thatched straw? Love the garden too. And what a story!
A very "God Jul" to you and thanks for taking part!~

Danzel @Silver Shoes and Rabbit Holes said...

Oh, I love your woven hearts! These are beautiful. And that photograph is fabulous. Pleased to "meet" you through Heather's blog procession!

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi! I'm visiting from Audrey Eclectic. What a great St. Lucia blog post! I think your tree is so beautifully decorated.

Mema Sifa said...

ooooOOOOOoooo love those hearts! Might make some for my own tree next week. Just maybe without the straw, bit of a fire hazard where I am in Oz. Very nice :)

Fakhita Sousou said...

I love it thank you
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