Friday, June 12, 2009

What the hail happened here?

A storm came through yesterday afternoon, that's what. It lasted less than 15 minutes, but it flooded the streets (that's the sidewalk up there) and left over an inch of pea- and marble-sized hail. All of the trees and bushes look really raggety, and there are little branches and leaves all over the yard. There are holes in some of the window screens and in the slats of the shutters. The insurance inspector is coming today to look at the roof. :(

My poor sandbox garden. We may have lost one of the tomato plants and the green beans, but I think everything else will pop back up. The strawberries and some herbs are in pots on the back patio, so they were sheltered some by the house. I feel blessed that the damage isn't so bad~ no tornado! Our street was on the news last night!

I'll hopefully finish up a commission piece today. Then, happy weekend to everyone~


Heather said...

oh no! thats terrible! I bet you can fix that veggie bed right up with a trip to the plan nursery though. :)

Kristina Layton said...

It was intense! :o We're getting a new roof and were almost due for one anyway~ thank you State Farm. :) We're replanting and it will be even better than before, but drat this short growing season!