Thursday, March 26, 2009

The most exciting prairie word of all~ blizzard!

Will Pa make it home from town in time? Yes, he left work early and took the (station) wagon with four-wheel drive today. Will the children have to tie themselves together to find their way home from the schoolhouse? No, school was cancelled this morning. Will Ma have to tie a rope around her waist to make it back from the stable? Oh no, THIS Ma is not going anywhere today. :)

After nearly no snow since December and almost two months of spring weather, we're under a blizzard warning until tomorrow morning. Northerners and high country folk may laugh, but I've lived here almost ten years and the very word blizzard still gives me butterflies. It's not just the amount of snow, but the wind that makes a blizzard. It howls around the sides of the house, piling snow against the windows and doors, and blows until you can hardly see the egde of the yard, making you feel like the only cabin around for miles. If the forecast keeps up, Gil and the kids might be home tomorrow and we'll finally have a cozy snowed-in, playing-outside day. I feel like winter passed over us this year, and it just didn't feel right. Besides, spring will still be here soon~

FAIRY SLIPPER~ a wild mountain orchid

Oh! I'm so poor at posting here in a timely manner, but last week, I was the subject of an interview at Audrey Eclectic ( Heather is a very sweet and cool girl, a wonderful artist (vintage and folksy~ *sigh*) and her blog is so inspiring! Please check her out, and I know you'll love her work as much as I do. Have a beautiful day, friends, and enjoy whatever season you are having today!


Lori Brighton said...

Very pretty! Well, pretty if you're all safe inside!

I love Little House! Watched it constantly when I was a kid, okay, and when I was older too.

Heather said...

Ooh! Blizzard! Hope you arent crouched in a claim shanty ;)

(Well, Im pretty certain you're not, I've seen pics and your home is no shanty!!)

I heard that Colorado was requesting a state of emergency, hope you're all ok where you are. There's a big storm swirling over us now, but its thunderstorms today...supposed to be snow tomorrow. Goof grief!

Now lets go make molasses candy... er, will pancake syrup do? That's all this Ma has in the house ;)