Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eeek! We found this in the bathtub a little over a week ago. There have been a few mice in the basement for years, but Japhy always kept them under control and would never have let one get upstairs. We would only see one or two (tokens from Japhy) every few months, and otherwise they were a little charming in a Hunca Munca or Samuel Whiskers way. Anyhow, now the cat is away and the mice are playing! Two days later, we found another one in the bathtub.

(LOL~ I paintshopped out where they pooped) They must have been running along the edge and slipped in. Then that evening, I was feeding Gretel, scooped some dog food out of the bag and a mouse JUMPED OUT OF THE MEASURING CUP AND RAN UP MY HAND, jumped down and ran away (naturally, I screamed and the other way). Poor little guy was in mouse paradise on top of a mountain of dog food, he probably curled up in the measuring cup, rubbed his belly and went to sleep, and the next thing he knows he's cowering under a piano with two kids banging on the keys to "scare him out". But that was IT! The exterminator patched where he thought they were coming in, and set out some sticky traps. We've caught a few, but haven't seen any more upstairs. Huzzah! The battle is won.

To clear your mind of those creepies, here are Cat and Sam last Friday trying a new recipe we found for St. Patrick's Day~

It's cream cheese, coconut, and confectioner's sugar and vanilla, mixed and rolled into little potato shapes, then rolled in cinnamon. At one point, I wasn't so sure this was going to work, but

blimey! if they didn't look just like little potatoes! They were nearly too rich to eat though (like a big bite of cream cheese icing), but we also made mint brownies and ginger snaps. Saturday, we went to our friends, Jeff & Monette's, house for corned beef and cabbage. And we all went to the parade in Denver~

:D Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! Sláinte!


Carmen Keys said...

Eeeeek! Those mice are the cutest things ever!!!! ^_^ I would be scared too though if one ran up my arm out of the dog food bag, haha.
Hm, those potato things intrigue me.

Heather said...

ewww...mice are only cute outdoors. Inside? Not so much...
One year when we had rabbits we bought a new cage for them at the local feed store. Mind you, we had only been in our new house a couple of months...
When we got the cage box home we opened it...and a nest of mouse babies went scurrying in all directions...I flipped! I ran to the kitchen and started crying ;) Luckily most of the babies couldnt get out of the wires of the rabbit cage. Others i caught in a christmas cookie tin and threw outside ;) We returned the cage soon after for a refund. When asked why, I got to say, "because it was full of baby mice." Not an excuse I get to use every day...Thank God!!!

Kristina Layton said...

Carmen, I thought they were so sweet at first, but became yicked out pretty quickly. I kept thinking I saw out of the corner of my eye, and I was scared to open cabinets. LOL

Heather, I would have freaked! What a surprise! :D