Thursday, November 20, 2008

I finished this little darling this week~

8x11.5 inches, acrylic & ink on illustration board

Nimh lives in the storybook land of Cornwall, the home of Arthurian legends. Her mum is a wonderful artist and dear friend, Julia Guthrie. Please check out her blog, East of the Sun... (the link is over on my sidebar)! We have traded portraits of each other's furry-girls. Here is Gretel~

*sigh* Isn't it stunning? In Julia's words...
"Gretel, the English Pointer is out playing with her hunting companion the Hawk. Racing along the heathery cliffs of Cornwall. Suddenly there, just past the old ruins of a tin mine engine house she spies an enchanted forest. Creeping closer, and closer Gretel sniffs the air & stops in suprise as all the magical creatures come out to greet her...."
Historical reference: In ancient Medieval Britain, Pointers were traditionally used in Falconry, to hunt alongside the Hawks & Falcons, so I decided to include a Hawk here, as a nod to Gretel's heritage.

The hawk was such a thoughtful and perfect touch, and I'm so grateful to Julia for this treasure. XOXO!

It's foggy today with a little freezing drizzle and snow. Usually this is my favorite kind of day, but I have a lunch date today with Sam~ a Thanksgiving feast at school. Turkey, mashers and gravy, cranberry sauce, a carton of milk, the whole works from the school cafeteria. Yummy! ;) Then tonight is Cat's orchestra concert. They're playing pieces from The Nutcracker, so it should be really good. Let the holiday craziness begin!

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