Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well, hello friends! And helloooo computer~ I hated you for treating me badly, but I missed you so when you were gone. A month or so ago, there were weird lines across my screen, like a line of text would appear in a different place on the screen. Annoying, but whatever. Then a few weeks ago, when I would scroll down, two giant staticky-looking lines went all the way down the screen and then the whole thing would shut down. Time to go to the computer doctor, and it took a week for them to get a replacement part. Urggh. It came home, worked just fine for one evening and the next morning it was all jiggered up again. Back to the shop, now home again and so far, purring like a kitten. *gentle pats*

So during my down time, I did some sample illustrations for a friend's book manuscript. I did three drawings and turned one into a painting~

The pancake one is my favorite. We'll see what happens~ I put everything I had into it and even had fun with it, but I just feel my work isn't at its best when it's someone else's vision. I worry about it all looking just right and know that someone else could do a much better job. Even so, I'm very grateful for the opportunity, enjoyed trying some new things, and after researching them, I reeeally want a vintage stove. :)

The leaves are changing now and it's chilly in the mornings. To kick off October, here are some creepy-crawlies we've found recently~

Just a little garter snake and a pretty garden spider~ the stripes on her legs made her look straight from a Tim Burton movie or James & the Giant Peach. Perfect inspiration with Halloween creeping up quickly! Love to you all~


Julia Guthrie said...

Aww so sorry to hear you've had computer troubles! We curse them when they are working for taking up our time, but when they break...agh!!! LOL

Anyway, I love your latest artworks hon, especially the river one! I can just imagine the sounds of the water trickling past her legs :)

And thanks for the comment on my WIP of Gretel. She is much more finished than that pic...I did get quite a bit done that week, but using the teeny little brushes I do it seems to be taking longer than normal! LOL
I think I am pushing myself to get lots of fine detail in the foreground this time. It's good to push our artistic boundaries I think:)

So...having had visitors plus a bad cold for the past 2 weeks I've not done any more painting full stop! *sighs*
Soon though...*she says hopefully* :) xxxxx

Heather said...

KRISTINA!!!! These drawings and the painting are AMAZING! (lol, so much so that I seem to be shouting at you!!)
I LOVE the one of the mother and boy by the stream, all the detail of the leaves--- so beautiful!
And man...just seeing that snake gives me the creepy-crawlies. He seems to have an attitude if you ask me!
glad you're back!~

Kristina Layton said...

Aw thanks, girls! :)

Julia, PLEASE take your time! All that detail is going to be gorgeous! I can't wait to get back to work on Nimh~ I promise I can have her done before the Christmas craziness. ;)

Heather, LOL! He was pretty annoyed by then~ Cat and Sam had been passing him back and forth (I pet him but didn't care to hold him) and I had been taking pictures for like five minutes. He started rearing up like a little cobra, so it was time to let him go.