Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gretel and I went for a long walk this morning along Cherry Creek. There's lots of open space and a trailhead just at the bottom of the hill. We drive to get there because you have to cross a really busy road, but the trails are great~ Gil rides his bike there a lot. I took tons of pictures today. :)

I used to take the kids down here when they were little to play in the creek. For a while in our spot, there was a giant crawfish like in On the Banks of Plum Creek~ if you put a stick near his claws, he would grab it.



The creek runs along the eastern side of the trail. The western side is higher and grassy but the underbrush is really thick along the creek bed. There are marshy little ponds in there. I saw and heard ducks and canada geese.

This was pretty~ the white things were cottony.

It was around 9:30.

Let's go!

The wind in the willows played Tea for Two
The trees were yellow and the sky was blue.

The western side~ there was a group of magpies flying around there.

Indian Blanket


Pretty girl

This little tunnel was just elven size, but is more likely a mule deer path. There were tracks and a big bed of sand.

Time to head home.

Almost there~ the top row of trees is the woods by the house.

Wild roses

It was a golden morning. Before pioneers came, Cheyenne, Arapahoe, Kiowa and Ute tribes spent winters sheltered here along the creek beds. Later when they were forced to move, one old man was allowed to stay because he wasn't strong enough to make the journey. He lived alone along this part of Cherry Creek for a few more years, but I like to think he is still there. I hope you enjoyed our walk~ thanks for coming along! :)

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Julia Guthrie said...

Look...there's your gorgeous girl! :)
Awww Gretel looks so happy exploring :) And why wouldn't she? It's a beautiful walk.