Monday, October 13, 2008

Nice weekend! Friday night Gil and I went up to Boulder to see Hot Buttered Rum. Our friends Mountain Standard Time opened~ great GREAT show! These guys (and girl!) are all so very talented and just good folks. Please check out their link on my sidebar to the right~ I promise you, they are The Next Big Thing. :)

The rest of the weekend was cold, rainy and foggy. Sam had a school project~ to make a model of a flowering plant. He chose yucca, so he found a yucca stalk with seed pods still attached to use as a base. He cut the leaves out with the paper cutter, glued beans in the pods for seeds, we made paper flowers, and he labeled all the parts. It turned out pretty awesome~

Foggy woods

Scary rabbit >:[

Speaking of projects and spooky things, it's time to decorate the porch for Halloween! This year I'm also going to make a ring of ghosties around a tree in the back yard. I think I'll wait until later in the week for all that, as it's supposed to be warmer then. Sweater and socks weather today, and the mountains were all white this morning. Warmappleciderwishes to you all! XO

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Julia Guthrie said...

Totally loving all these photos Kristina!
Sooo gorgeous...I gotta come & visit Colarado someday :)