Saturday, August 16, 2008

New painting~

4x6 inches

In the 1940s, Woody Guthrie labeled his guitars with "This machine kills fascists". Inspired by this, in the 1960s, Pete Seeger wrote "This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender". To me, this statement and Pete's songs (and all folk songs) are a testament to the power of music and every bit as relevant to day as they were forty or sixty years ago. When I was little, my mom played guitar some. I remember her sitting in the back of our VW camper with her long blonde hair, playing "Puff the Magic Dragon" for me and "This Land is Your Land" and other songs for our Brownie troop. In high school, I took her Peter, Paul & Mary and Judy Collins records and loved them all over again. I found Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Simon & Garfunkel and spent part of a summer trying to teach myself songs on that old guitar. A friend and I even asked our moms to take us to see the Kingston Trio. We were the youngest people there by far and didn't get any of the stories and corny jokes they told in between songs, but we still thought it was (and we were~ haha!) the coolest. Cat has become quite a little folkie now and it was really sweet to see her this summer playing songs in the back of our camper. Turn Turn Turn!

We've had thunderstorms and heavy, solid rain for the past two days and in the low 50s. I'm loving this taste of fall! They're calling for snow down to 10,000 feet~ Gil's at a party in the mountains this weekend at 9000+. He's going to be sooo cold camping tonight! Ha! I've got the fire on, a pot of tea and a new book to start~ heavenly! Have a great weekend, friends!


Heather said...

this is beautiful! I love folky music too. I love when musicians are actually artists who can play, not something some studio cooked up.

Kristina Layton said...

Thanks! :) I know what you mean~ "canned" music is the worst!