Sunday, July 20, 2008

We went back up to Ned for July 4th. Some friends had a great party~ beer, burgers & a bluegrass band on the roof! Dogs everywhere! :D That night, from the roof we had a perfect view of the fireworks over the resoviour. Thank you for an awesome time, Betsy & Jim!

Then Saturday night we went to Jamestown.

The Mercantile is my very favorite place for the guys to play. The staff and everyone there are all so kind and fun, and inside it's so cozy~ like a crazy grandma's kitchen. :) We've been there in the winter with six feet of snow on the ground, and it's still toasty inside and everyone's dancing.

This is Jamestown. Really, it's nearly the whole town. :) It was once a booming gold mining camp with saloons, hotels and dance halls, but now it's a perfectly wonderful, free-spirited little mountain hamlet.

Across the street from that is a pretty park with flower beds, a playground and Jim Creek.

The hills above the town burned a few years ago. I want to know what the inside of the church looks like!

I wonder who lives in this crooked little treehouse.

Time for the show!

Monette & Jeff

Rich's new fu manchu

Raging! :D

When we got home that night, this was by the front door.

It looked like a leaf-bat! It was huge~ well, its wings were maybe two inches long. I looked it up the next morning and it was a blinded sphinx, not a bat with leaf wings, after all. ;) Too bad, but what a wonderful weekend!

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Heather said...

that town looks so neat, and it looks like you all had a blast there!~