Friday, June 27, 2008

Summertime~ by mid-afternoon, the air is warm and heavy as thunderstorms roll in. The wind blows through the tall, drying grasses, carrying cottonwood fluff and the whirrr of grasshoppers and hummingbirds. Flocks of grackles(?) and blackbirds have been visiting lately, though. They're cool to see, but they're really loud and make such a mess at the feeders, bullying away the songbirds. When they're in the yard, I let Gretel chase them away.

The kids are both home now and I finished TWO paintings this week:

ACEO, acrylic & ink on illustration board

Her blanket, hairstyle and jewelry are Navajo. I so love to paint these girls~ they're not much of a technical challenge, and I hope no one is getting tired of seeing them all the time, but they're just comforting to do and it's tons of fun to research the costumes.

This piece is for Cat's band! Check them out~

Vocals by Kaitlyn and Cat on guitar~ they're totally amazing! They recorded some songs down in the playroom last Thursday, made CDs, and they already have a gig scheduled next month. They're writing some songs now, too. They both are incredibly talented, dedicated and motivated, and I can't wait to see where they go! I'm so proud of these girls!

We're heading to Nederland for the weekend. Gil took next week off, so we may not come home. Estes Park? We'll see where the wind blows the old bus! Mountain friends, see you soon! XOXO

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Heather said...

these pieces are awesome! And how cool is it that your daughter has a band??? If they ever need a tap-dancing opening act, just give Audrey a call ;)
these kids and their talents!