Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh poor little journal, I haven't meant to neglect you like this. Where were we about a month ago?

The crabapples were blooming and the deer became friendly.

Naughties! One time, one was in the sandbox. Hee!

Then a few weeks a go, the band played down in Pueblo at a vintage car race. The kids and I went too, and we camped overnight. Pueblo is only two hours away, but it is in the desert!

There is a lake made along the Arkansas River, but the rest is totally cactus, rattlesnake and scorpion desert. I saw three snakes just along the side of the road (probably king snakes, though)! Ack! It wasn't hot at all, but the wind was blowing like crazy.

It was a fun show, with a Sam Jam during the set break. Jeff's (lead guitar) family~ my good friend, Monette, and their kids~ came down too. Monette sang, the kids all played, Gil got to ride in a racecar~ it was a good time. The campsite was close by. Did I mention we were in the desert?

There are the new curtains I made for the camper. Really, they're just new fabric lined with the old curtains with all the snaps and hardware. We already have two weekends of camping planned up in Nederland this month and next. We'll have a summer full of adventures in the old bus!

another catch-up post coming soon...

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Heather said...

wow, summer has really begun for you all, huh? looks like you've already had some awesome adventures!