Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Tea

Buttercup and Marigold had tea on a mid-August afternoon. They gathered their meal from the forest and field~ dandelion, rose hips, sumac berries and a mushroom. To the song of a nearby meadowlark, they recalled what they loved most about summertime.

Buttercup tended her garden each morning. Her strawberries, tomatoes and herbs were the very taste of summer! Some lazy afternoons, she sat with a book next to the rosemary, catnapping to the buzz of grasshoppers and daydreaming with visiting hummingbirds.

Marigold rested contently against a mossy boulder, nature's bounty spread before her. She had watched patiently as the field greened at the start of summer and delighted at the early, dewy blooms. She now savored the late wildflowers~ hearty broom, cutleaf daisies and nodding sunflowers. She was grateful to have seen another season turn, to have felt its sunny blessings, and for the sweet summer memories made with loved ones.

These little rag dolls (and others) are available in my Etsy shop and would love to have tea or adventures with you! They and I hope you have a wonderful last few weeks of summer~ these lazy, crazy, dreamy dog days.

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Barb said...

Kristina, Buttercup and Marigold are just like me! Good to see you and the dolls are enjoying the summer. It's passing way too quickly for me. Good Health to you!