Saturday, April 6, 2013

This week in an artisan and vintage market in my town, I found a wonderful old postcard for only $2! I have it hanging on the refrigerator right now where I can see it all day long, because I am in love with these two~

The United Photo Stores Co. once had three studios in Denver where one could have their photograph made in this prop automobile, with a choice of mountain backdrops and witty(?) captions on the front. The photograph was made into a real photo postcard.

This card was never mailed, so it has no stamps or written clues to its date. But did you know that postcards like this one can sometimes be dated by the design of their stamp box in the top right corner? I sure didn't until today! :) I'm still researching the photographer but not finding much, and nothing for these addresses today. I need some help from Denver old-timers! By her hair and hat, I guess this was taken between 1910-1915~ a hundred years ago.

Now, I suppose this fashionable couple's message could be interpreted as full-on snark, an early sarcasm meme~ a regrettable decision to motor through (what appears to be) Garden of the Gods in a suspicious-looking horseless carriage. The roads are rough, it could be either hot or cold, there are rattlesnakes, maybe they have a flat tire?

But looking closely at these two, I believe this is a proud announcement, a joyous declaration that We are Having a H-L of a Time today! Look at her sassy smirk, eyes confident behind the wheel. He is close at her side, enjoying the ride, rakishly cool with a loosened collar and smokes in his pocket. This young couple commemorated this day out on the town, probably just on a whim while walking by, and the image captured that day is beautiful and timeless~ they will face any hard road together with humor and adventure and a love for life, Having a H-L of a Time!


Jeannine Lee said...

I also love how she is the one driving! :)

Kristina Layton said...

Jeannine! XOXO I love that, too. :)

David said...

That post card can be dated by looking at the triangles in square around where the postage stamp goes. There are four triangles and all of them are pointing up. This means that the card was printed between 1904 and 1918. If the back is divided so that the address and message are separate, it was printed after March 1, 1907. I have a similar card and there is one more location of the United Photo Stores on the rubber stamp.

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