Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello Stranger...

After my last post, I'm afraid I left this place a virtual graveyard! Well, I've dusted out the cobwebs and am ready to get back into the habit. I can be such an introvert sometimes. :/ But I do love to learn from and exchange ideas with others and read other blogs, and I would like to share my inspirations with you!

So, catching up... the little man started high school this week, and the girl is about to start her second year at CU Boulder. She's only an hour from home (not too far or too close) and it's been lovely having her home for the summer. Last winter, the nest had been feeling a little empty, so we brought home a new baby, Ruby.

She's seven months old now, and she and Gretel are (finally) the sweetest of sisters. We haven't camped or traveled much this summer with the puppy (just one night) but Gil's band has kept us busy closer to home. If you're near Denver, come check them out! I'll probably see you there!

Otherwise, I've had some fun commissions this year and have been learning to make linocut prints. Much more about that soon! Here's a new painting~

A song for all travelers, 'Oh Shenandoah' was a sailors' sea chanty by the 1880s. Different interpretations tell the stories of a trader in love with the daughter of an Indian chief, a pioneer or Confederate soldier's memories of home, or of a route to freedom for escaped slaves. The Shenandoah valley area produced parts (like wheels and seats) for wagons, then those parts were assembled in Conestoga County, Pennsylvania. In Conestoga wagons, settlers followed the Ohio river to the Mississippi, then west up the Missouri.

I'm not from Virginia, but I love this song so much. I grew up in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina, but I felt "bound away" west. Looking at maps or on family trips, I was amazed by so much open space and sky and wanted to see other landscapes and seasons (snow!). I'm sure a life-long Laura Ingalls obsession only fueled it, ha! Gil and I were blessed with the chance to start our family on an adventure of our own, so here we are.

So, in this journal, I hope to share my gratitude for the people and places that inspire me. And please share yours with me! I look forward to seeing you again soon~


Heather said...

Hello to you too, stranger :)
Glad to see you back in the blogging saddle! Sounds like you've been busy! Love the new illustration and what a pretty pup! We got a new pup this winter too and I think he and our older dog are finally getting to be buddies too :) Ironically, the puppy and the cat? The best of friends!

Kristina Layton said...

That's adorable! They seem so much happier with a friend around. :) You'll have a houseful of furkids for company when your little miss starts school!