Sunday, January 13, 2013

Simple Things

After the sparkle and abundance of trimmings of Christmastime, there is such a peacefulness in unadorned trees. There's a bare beauty in frosty breath and windowpanes, brown and white fields, and the lonely call of geese. Although, weather this cold usually puts me more in the mind of domestic (indoor!) pursuits. Last week, I made more linocut prints~ simple things, each primitive and useful.

I imagine the stark beauty of this time of year sounds like this, sometimes as fearsome and wondrous as black crows on a winter wind~

Winter won't last too long, and I love the wonders and simple blessings of each season. Hot tea, a crochet blanket, and someone or something furry to cuddle with makes nearly anything bearable, so let the winds howl!


Barb said...

Kristina, I was happy to see a post from you. I was away from blogs for the month of December and just got back into posting, too. Is it frigid by you? Maybe it's because every year I get older, but this winter it's been bitter cold for many days on-end. We badly need snow in Breckenridge, but all we seem to attract is cold. I like the simple linocuts - I have a washer board just like that (decorative, of course). Stay warm and well. Barb

Kristina Layton said...

Hi Barb, it's good to see you, too! :) It was below 0 this morning, but down here there are usually a few days of warm weather between cold spells, so it's not that bad. It's a lot colder where you are, but it IS a high-country wonderland. :) Hope you get some snow this week!

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