Friday, July 2, 2010

In early June, we four went to a music festival near Nederland, Camp Womp'em, affectionately remembered as Camp Swamp'em. Never mind the weather... it's summertime!

Three days of music in the mountains, some good-hearted people put this festival together to benefit Hike for Cancer. Friday afternoon, the sun tried its best to shine

through afternoon showers.

Chez Layton

Some friends built the stage in one guy's yard~ shows all summer long!

As the sun went down, heavy rain settled in the valley. The music went on~

Dr. Phil Good, the host of this shindig

Adam and Max of Jet Edison

Me with some best girls. It was pouring buckets! The rain was so loud on the tarps, but it was like a fun little fort inside. :)

Pete Kartsounes on electric guitar. Every summer, Pete hikes the Colorado Trail, nearly 5oo miles, playing shows along the way to help support children with critical illnesses and their families. Read more about it here~

The sound bunker~ a big thank you to these guys, Phil and the rest, for a great party in wet, windy and wild weather. They literally built a roof right over our heads, and the music never stopped. They turned the sound off when a lightning storm blew through, but Gil and Max just brought out accoustic guitars, a big upright bass rumbled with the thunder. The kids were cozy inside the main house with video games and warm sleeping bags, and I went to bed in the camper at some wee hour. Gil climbed in a few hours later, but the wild rumpus went on until dawn. :D

A cold, grey morning. I wish we could have stayed the rest of the weekend, but we had to get back that day. Anyway, the forecast that night was for snow. Time to go home! :)

We went back through misty mountains and meadows

and festival and friends faded into the clouds. We'll be back next week! :)


yaya said...

I found you on blogs of note..congrats with that! Your blog is very interesting and your pics are great. Looks like you live in an adventure a minute! It's nice to see that there still is a little frontier life left!

Heather said...

wow, what a beautiful place and what a fun event! Hope you all stayed dry, but what a cozy concert! :)

Jorge Alonso said...

..Blog of nature scenes and other
interesting elements.Very fine!