Thursday, April 22, 2010

Snows have come and gone, melting into puddles and afternoon thunderstorms. This spring has been hopping busy with good times. One weekend, we hitched up the (volks)wagen, the kids and dog, bedrolls and guitars in back, and went to Nederland for a friend's birthday. Up the canyon~

to Phil and Susan's house, where a cold stream flows and a wild rose grows right outside their front door.

Good times with good friends, thank you! XO! Back home the next morning with Cowboy Neal at the wheel. :D

Crumbly old cabins, shacks, lean-tos were built next to Boulder Creek, now alongside the road down the canyon.

Guess what? I have a new camera! :) I can't wait for all the good times that the good weather will bring! It seems I haven't had much to write about here lately, although Cat went on a school trip to Dublin, London and Paris last month, and prom was last week. I've been driving carpools, reading books during tae kwon do and guitar lessons, and have been doing some spring cleaning~ not a lot to talk about, but I've been quietly loving it all. :) Oh, I finished this!

It's been wonderful working with Bevin and Julie. They are so talented and kind, and the future holds a lot for them. Wide open skies and fields of sunshine~


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Today said...

Hey, I found your blog through the Blog Buzz - and here I might just say congratulations!

What I really wanted to say was it must be mighty lovely to live in such a beautiful place as such.

I'm QUITE jealous!

Anna said...

I found your blog among blogs of note. I was looking through the pictures when I noticed the "up the canyon" shot had a dog shaped rock on the right side. Did you notice it?;)

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