Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello friends, I've been a long time gone. It's been a good winter, mild but pretty, and just enough going on to keep us all busy. We've been up to Nederland a couple of times, I'm the troop cookie mom this year, and Cat is getting all ready for a trip to Dublin, London and Paris next month. C'est magnifique! I painted a poster for a festival at Mishawaka in May~ Waterfront Music Festival and Campout. Thank you, Travis, for keeping me busy! :)

Also, I'm so excited to share~

My mama designs websites (Wildwood Forest Studios) and really outdid herself with this, it's so beautiful! I wanted a calico-looking background, so she matched just the right colors, found the perfect flowers, stamped a pattern and made all other kinds of computerbox magic, and did a wonderful job with it all. Thank you, Mom. XO

A new trail to follow, leave now in late winter, before the river ice breaks. Slow and steady, wheels rolling, seasons turning. Not all those who wander are lost~

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