Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The shopping is all finished, gifts are all wrapped, cards and packages have been mailed, orchestra concerts and class parties have been attended, and (round three of) cookie dough is in the icebox, to be rolled out, baked and decorated today. It's snowing now, and the little house feels exciting and peaceful at the same time.

Earlier this month, Cat's band played a show in a beautiful little one-room chapel, the first church in Parker. Before it was built in 1913, services were held in the schoolhouse and led by circuit riders, including the Reverend John Dyer. A lovely venue, the Christmas lights, and rows and rows of good friends made this such a special night for Cat and Kaitlyn. They even got to ring the big church bell before the show. :) That's my girl with the guitar~

Here are some videos, I'll replace them with complete songs when the girls get them up~

Oh, to think of the music, friendships and love that have filled this building over the last hundred years! I'm proud of you, Kitten. XO

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Heather said...

that little church is beautiful! what a wonderful event. Gosh, she's growing up!