Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cabin Fever

Hellooo all! The old design in here felt too stuffy, so I hope you like the new look. Please let me know if something's not working! The past few weeks have been a flurry of weather, activities and projects. We had our Halloween party (the ninth!) the weekend before Halloween. Cat and Sam were home for fall break, so we all decorated and baked and put together costumes. We were a family of hillbilly ghosts. :) The party was wonderful, good times with good friends. XO! I had great pictures of everybody, but lost them when the computer crashed the next day. :( They're on Facebook, though! :) We didn't have internet for about a week, and then came the snow~

rabbits join in the ghosties' circle, weave paths through the dancers and stir up mischief

Tuesday night, the snow started to blow.

School was cancelled on Wednesday, but poor Gil was able to make it into work.

Rabbit came out from under the porch.

Cat, Sam and I brewed tea all afternoon with dried chamomile and mint leaves

and stayed warm inside.

We had a hot cup ready for Dad when he came home. The little pumpkin pies were left over from the party.

It had snowed all day long and kept up through the night.

Gnome slept in the next morning under a snowy blanket.

It was so deep that I had to dig a path and pit for Gretel. She was not amused.

The kids sledded for a while, but the snow was coming down hard. It was a better day to be inside.

A mourning dove found a toasty spot~ where the dryer vent blows out on the porch.

I sat here all day long, and nearly all week, working on a drawing.

The snow blew for a full second day, rattling the windows and rocking empty chairs.

The storm was gone by Friday morning. School was out again, the roads were bad that morning. It was good to see the sun!

We dug ourselves out like bears coming out of a winter's den. It was a sparkly beautiful day outside, and the day before Halloween~

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