Friday, November 20, 2009

Beautiful sunrise last week~

Oh, I wish I could paint like that! It snowed maybe 8 inches last Sunday, and there's still a lot left in shady places. I had lunch with Sam yesterday at school, a Thanksgiving feast in the cafeteria. :) I love Thanksgiving~ it's the best holiday for cooking! ;) Here's a peek at what I'm working on, sort of a harvest angel~ Fruited Plain.

I'm blocking in color now, there will be corn, wheat and berries in the basket and tall grass in the front, beading on her gown and in the background, very Alphonse Mucha. How in the world did he draw hair like that? Workshop elves have taken over the kitchen~ sanding, staining, hammering and drilling, cooking up a tableful of pretties for the holidays.

Have a wonderful weekend, all. Autumn's blessings to you~


Julia Guthrie said...

I know that capture the colours that Mother Nature makes effortlesly!:)

Anonymous said...

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