Monday, June 22, 2009

It's funny how you can go about your life for years and not see what's just on the other side of the fence. We almost never go to this side of the woods because there's just a empty field of tall grass and cactus and it backs up to a very busy road. While driving past there a few weeks ago, I thought I spied some clothesline poles, so yesterday, Gil and I went for a closer look

and found the foundation of an old house.

Was this the fireplace?

This was nearby. It conveniently identified itself~ I wouldn't have known what it was. ;) It's made of thick plastic and the bottom is broken, but I took it home anyway. I'll find a use for it! :)

A blouse~ man-made fiber, 40s or 50s?

I suppose it once hung here. Obviously, none of this is very old, but it is another chapter in the story of this hill. This family must have known the same landmarks, crooked trees and ravines that mine knows so well. Did a woman once walk through the field where my house is now and wonder about the future, just as I stood here and wondered about the past?


Heather said...

wow, very mysterious....What a fun thing to explore! I wonder what happened to the house? Fire or tornado perhaps?

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