Thursday, April 16, 2009

Last Friday, Sam's class participated in a Revolutionary War reenactment. The boy watches so much History Channel (especially shows about ancient warriors and stuff) and one of his most favorite things to do is run around the woods with a sword, so this was just about the best field trip ever. They're studying the Revolutionary War now, but this company came to their class to teach them about the Battle of Camden (which they would reenact) and some basic military training. They provided uniforms and weapons. The kids made little paper packets of flour that they had in their ammo bags. To "fire" the musket, they tore open the packets (mostly with their teeth) and poured it down the barrel (like gunpowder?), then blew through a straw thing so a puff of flour came out like smoke (LOL). Sam served in the North Carolina militia.

The costumes were so cool! The Scottish regiment wore kilts, and some of the American soldiers didn't have uniforms, just a farmer's regular clothes. Some had coonskin caps and buckskin jackets.


The cannons shot flour, too. :D They also had some smoke bombs.

Give me liberty or give me death.

Blessedly, brave Sam lived to fight another day. This was such an awesome experience for him! I'm so happy that I got to come along, too. :)

Easter was quiet and rainy, but really nice. We all colored eggs the night before and dyed the tip of Gretel's tail. We also blew up Peeps in the microwave. Yeah, a typical Layton holiday. ;) I worked some on a painting~ I wanted so badly to have it done before Easter, but I'll show it to you in a moment...

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