Monday, November 3, 2008

I hope you all had a fun Halloween! Trick or treat!

Cat was Mother Nature~ so pretty! Does anyone know who Sam is?

*spooky wolf howl*

Boo milk is a family Halloween tradition. Secretly drop a few drops of food coloring down a straw in a glass of milk, serve it to a little one, recite an incantation, and tell them to blow bubbles. Double double, toil and trouble! Cat went to a party at a friend's house, and Gil took Sam out trick-or-treating while I handed out candy. Then we had a party Saturday night~

Come into the parlor. >:[

Do you see the ghost cat? Naughty boy!

It's time to party! :D

I feel a big celebration in the air~ winds of change are blowing in hope, optimism, and a sense that good times are finally ahead. Please vote tomorrow~ power to the people!


Heather said...

Ah! What a spooky crew! You guys always have such a fun halloween, tht boo milk sounds like a good trick!~

Julia Guthrie said...

HA!!! What fantastic pics!
I love the Boo milk idea...I gotta try that...hehehe

And the KISS awesome..I need to find a similar photo I have of me & my ex- best mate (we were about 18 yrs old)...we did the Gene & Paul makeup!!! LOL
You guys look so cool...:)