Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring is finally here! The crabapple trees are blooming and I've even seen a few pasqueflower. Winter didn't leave without one last (I hope!) little fit last Thursday~ May Day!

I finished two new paintings last month. The first is for some friends~ please check them out, because they're so awesome!

And the other is for my favorite boys :)

Posters and merch with each! What else... Sam has been on break for the last three weeks (his school is year-round, nine weeks on then three off), so we've been organizing and redecorating his room. We painted the walls and have been refinishing a bookcase. I still have a small mural to paint, so I'll post pics later. He chose the colors and has done a good bit of the work himself (for a little guy), and we've had a lot fun together with it all. Next, I'm making curtains and blankets for the camper. Gil is playing in Pueblo in two weeks and we're all going with him, so I want to have it all done by then. I want it to be warm and cozy for trips, and maybe even use it as a little shop at festivals this summer. Love to you all~