Monday, March 31, 2008

Welcome to my new journal~ Let It Grow

Hello there! I'm Kristina~ introductions like this feel silly, so you may read about me and my past adventures here:

Water bright as the sky from which it came
And the name is on the earth that takes it in
We will not speak but stand inside the rain
And listen to the thunder shout
"I am, I am, I am, I am"

I finished this painting on Saturday~ the first of my illustrations for Let It Grow. The corn woman is found in legends of many native american tribes, the thunderbird and stylized clouds and rain, and beadwork are based on plains tribe imagery. This piece was a new direction for me, and aside from a few elements (the corn, the way the "flat" parts were supposed to work with the rest), I'm happy with it.

There was a little snow on the ground this morning. It wasn't quite foggy, but the air just seemed heavy and gray. Three mule deer were up on the hill, feeding on the thinnest new shoots of grass. Robins have came back, there are tiny, baby leaf buds on the trees~ spring is getting closer every day!

Well, thank you for visiting my new little place! I look forward to making this a real journal, where I can share all my inspirations~ happenings, memories, things I collect, things I see in the woods, books, music... and some artwork, too. :) Please be patient while I figure out how to make it all pretty in here and add links and things. Have a beautiful day, new friends! :)


Heather said...

Aw, hi Kristina! Welcome to blogger, I think you're really going to love it here! Your page looks so pretty already! I love this new painting of yours-- being from Oklahoma, I've seen my share of native art, but I love how you make yours so unique and beautiful and-- approachable.
Im happy you're here and that you've joined our group! I will add you to my links list at this very moment!
Happy blogging~

Heather said...

Have you received the invitation from blogger to join the group? It might be in your junk mail...I'll send it again for you!~

Kristina Layton said...

Thank you, Heather! :) I really like this so far! I'm still learning my way around so I joined the group this morning. Hooray! and thanks again! :)

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